[GUI Skins] Space GUI - The Interface OF The Future

READY FOR USE: demo scenes is included, each screen is built in Unity UI. Also some animations are included.
CROSS-PLATFORM INTERFACE : for your project: you can use it for PC, mobile or anything other.
There are more than 10 screens designed:
— Main menu;
— Settings;
— Login;
— Pause;
— Quests;
— Levels;
— Shop;
— Inventory;
— Level result (Victory or Lose);
— Game;
— About page;


[Particle System] Enchanted Edge Unity3D

Enchanted Edge is a Shuriken particle effect library for adding looping buff or elemental effects to your weaponry or if you only need an instant ethereal pillar. It does not contain non-built-in script or shader out of concern of compatibility. Only mobile-particle additive and alpha blended shaders are used.
Enchanted Edge Unity3D
- Elements commonly seen in existent fantasy games are covered in this package: Regular buff, fire, ice, lightning, wind, water, holy, darkness, toxin, arcane, wood, earth. Each has 2 power tiers.
Enchanted Edge Unity3D
- Also 3 variants of weapon types primarily built for straight sword, hammer and arrow, all of regular length. You can change the particle emitter shapes for fitting the effect on dagger, spear, cane, rod, axe, scythe, etc.

[3D Models] POLYGON - Horse Pack

A low poly horse asset to add to your polygonal style game.
POLYGON - Horse Pack Unity3D
Assets include:
- Horse x1 (10x horse textures)
- Saddle x1
- Reins x1

Source Code App Bitcoin Clicker / Miner Simulator

Bitcoin Clicker / Miner Simulator - it's a simple app where you can buy graphics cards or asic, sell your cards, upgrade your cards, mining bitcoins and exchange them. In the beginning you should click on the bitcoin button, earn bitcoin and then exchange them to dollars in order to buy new graphics cards or backgrounds. The asset is built for mobile platform (Android , iOS). Asset includes: pixel sprites, all code, 4 backgrounds.
Source Code Bitcoin Clicker Unity3D
- Ready to publish (android, ios)
- Mobile optimized
- Documentated C# code
- You can add your music, reskin cards prefab.
Bitcoin Clicker / Miner Simulator
Bitcoin Clicker / Miner Simulator
File: Resource - Code
Requires: Unity5.6.3 or higher

[ Particle System ] Volumetric 3D Lasers

Customisable Volumetric 3D Laser System. It will fit perfectly almost in any game, stylized or realistic one. All parts and layers of lasers can be tweaked as you like. Tons of properties, so you can create your own unique looking effect. There are also prefabs for custom particle effects, explosions, and distortions.
 Volumetric 3D Lasers Unity3D
- 10 Complete VFX Prefabs
- 50+ Laser Layers and Parts Prefabs
- 5 Sound FX
- Frame Blending shaders
- Distortion shaders
- Some creative Sci-fi style shaders
- Dissolve shaders
- Linear and Gamma ready
- Fantasy Staff, Platform, and Rock models
- Color Tint and Gradient Ramp variants
- Sci-fi Drone model
 Volumetric 3D Lasers

[ GUI Skins ] Metro City Unity3D

A complete set of graphical user interface (GUI) to build 2D video games.
Suitable for city construction, simulation, rampage, builder, demolition, urban, racing, industrial, or factory game theme.
Metro City Unity3D
- 42 iconic buttons
- Text mode and level buttons also provided
- Pre-made windows, HUD, and other elements
- Include background
- Full vector. So it’s customizable and resizeable.
- Font used: Dimbo
- Available file format: CorelDraw cdr, Adobe Illustrator ai, eps, pdf, jpg, & transparent png
Metro City Unity3D

[ GUI Skins ] Cartoon GUI Pack

Cartoon GUI Pack is a customizable, mobile-friendly game UI pack containing many elements that can be used to create a complete game with a nice cartoon look.
 Cartoon GUI Pack  Unity3D
• Layered Photoshop .PSD files included.
• Prefabs, animations, particles, sounds and complete C# source code included.
• Easily-customizable sizes through 9-sliced buttons and backgrounds.
• Portrait level background images that can be used for infinite scrolling.
• Mobile-friendly. Can be used in portrait and landscape orientations interchangeably.
Cartoon GUI Pack 
Cartoon GUI Pack 

[ Particle System ] FIRE & FOG MEGABundle 01 (634+ VFX) Unity3D

Continuously growing collection of 634 professionally tuned highly-reusable re-colorable and tweakable particle special effects prefabs for every need!
Working out of the box - and of course you may tweak and customize them to your needs!
 FIRE & FOG MEGABundle 01 (634+ VFX) Unity3D
They range from fire, flames, torches, candles to snow, from god rays to dungeon dust, gas vents and sprays, magic torches and portals, sewer fumes, sparkles, cemetery fog, 8bit pixel sharp FX, too many to list!
Touch the asset with your hands with the interactive demo and screenshots!

- They're easy to adapt so you're actually getting a wide amount of possibilities for your projects.

- Easy to use in 3D and 2D too (Unity may have issues with prefabs using 3D stretched particles in orthographic cameras though)

- The "weight" of the FXs varies a lot, ranging from mobile friendly to desktop only, depending on the specific prefab. Usually scaling up or down the emission count helps you to target the desired platform

[ 3D Models ] Yippy Kawaii Unity3D

Very nice and funny models, with very cute expressions, please download it for free
[ 3D Models ] Yippy Kawaii Unity3D 
- Kitty 1268 Polygons
- Bunny 1352 Polygons
- Bear 1354 Polygons
- Accessories 46~236 Polygons
- 90 prefab
Yippy Kawaii Unity3D 

[ 3D Models ] PolyWorld: Woodland Low Poly Toolkit

Polyworld: Woodland Toolkit is the defacto standard suite of tools and 3D artwork to create a flat-shaded, lowpoly world inside Unity.
[ 3D Model ] PolyWorld: Woodland Low Poly Toolkit
-Create your world using the familiar Unity Terrain tools and heightfields, paint infinite terrain textures, then convert that to a low poly, Polyworld terrain.
PolyWorld: Woodland Low Poly Toolkit

-Convert any mesh, even characters, to the PolyWorld style. Any 3d object in the asset store can be used! *blendshapes not supported yet

-Includes a vast array of prefabs and meshes in the same low poly art style.

-14 faceted skyboxes with associated ambient cubemaps give you a variety of lighting conditions.

-Powerful mesh combine script to reduce draw calls for mobile

-Desktop and Mobile demo scenes!

PolyWorld: Woodland Low Poly Toolkit


[3D Models] POLYGON MINI - Fantasy Pack

A low poly asset pack of hexagonal tiles, cube tiles, buildings, props, and environment assets to create a hex or cube game in a Western, Viking, Knights, Adventure, Samurai or Pirates theme.
Modular tiles are easy to piece together in a variety of combinations.
Includes multiple demo scenes
POLYGON MINI - Fantasy Pack
Assets include:
Background Assets
- Desert x3
- Ice x3
- Mountains x3
- Volcanic x3
3D Model

Building Assets
- Adventure House x2
- Adventure Hut x1
- Adventure Tower x1
- Adventure Wall x1
- Dungeon Crypt x1
- Knights Castle x7
- Knights Castle Flag x2
- Knights Church x1
- Knights House x4
- Knights Tent x2
- Pirates Fountain x1
- Pirates House x3
- Pirate Fort x4
- Pirate Mansion x1
- Pirate Shack x2
- Pirate Tower x1
- Samurai Arch x1
- Samurai House x2
- Samurai Temple x2
- Viking Dock x2
- Viking House x3
- Viking Hut x2
- Viking Tower x1
- Western Building x2
- Western Church x1
- Western Water Tower x1
- Western Windmill x1
3D Model

Environment Assets
- Dirt Piles x4
- Dungeon Bones x1
- Dungeon Crystal x2
- Dungeon Mushroom x2
- Dungeon Rocks x2
- Dungeon Skull x1
- Generic Barrel x1
- Generic Bush x4
- Generic Cliffs x5
- Generic Cloud x7
- Generic Dead Tree x1
- Generic Grass Blob x2
- Generic River Stone x2
- Generic Rock x8
- Generic Tree stump x1
- Generic Tree x11
- Generic Tree Birch x1
- Grass x1
- Lilly x2
- Pirate Palm x3
- Pirate Skull Rock x1
- Reed x1
- Samurai Bamboo x1
- Samurai Crops x1
- Samurai Mountain x1
- Samurai Tree x1
- Viking Iceberg x3
- Western Butte x3
- Western Cactus x3
- Western Rock x2

Source Code Game Happy Superman ( Car Transform Racing Complete project )

Happy Superman Complete daily tasks and finish achievements to get new heroes! Remember, every one of them has special abilities to help you to beat the opponents and to destroy all the obstacles on your way to your ultimate glorious victory.
Source Code Happy Superman Unity3D
Seller : Game For You
🔵 Singe App License : 99$

🌟 Reskin App License : 1299$ 
→ 1 Full Reskin of this App
→ Screenshots and icons included
→ Advertisting integration
→ Create and Distribute Unlimited Apps
- Daily tasks system with usefull reward
- Achivement system with usefull reward
- A lot of iap package
- 2 mini game include: Forutne wheel and Golden Egg
- 5 Heros
-40 tested levels
- Cross platform (Android and iOS)
- Great effects using particle system
- Easy to re-skin
- Google Admob
- In-app-purchase (Android and iOS)
- Multiple screen resolution
- Reward video via admob
Speed  Challenge
Ultimate Car Upgrade

Variety Characters

Video Game
File: Resource  - Code - Guide Documention
Requires: Unity5.5.0 or higher
    Check Unity3D
    ➝ This feature is packed, ready kits published for mobile phones. No programming required!
    ➝ Reskin & Fixes : @spfreecodeaz
    ➥ 14 Days Money Back Guarantee Policy