[ Particle System ] FIRE & FOG MEGABundle 01 (634+ VFX) Unity3D

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Continuously growing collection of 634 professionally tuned highly-reusable re-colorable and tweakable particle special effects prefabs for every need!
Working out of the box - and of course you may tweak and customize them to your needs!
 FIRE & FOG MEGABundle 01 (634+ VFX) Unity3D
They range from fire, flames, torches, candles to snow, from god rays to dungeon dust, gas vents and sprays, magic torches and portals, sewer fumes, sparkles, cemetery fog, 8bit pixel sharp FX, too many to list!
Touch the asset with your hands with the interactive demo and screenshots!

- They're easy to adapt so you're actually getting a wide amount of possibilities for your projects.

- Easy to use in 3D and 2D too (Unity may have issues with prefabs using 3D stretched particles in orthographic cameras though)

- The "weight" of the FXs varies a lot, ranging from mobile friendly to desktop only, depending on the specific prefab. Usually scaling up or down the emission count helps you to target the desired platform

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